Le château de la Vallière XIIe, XVIe centuries and 1865

La Vallière was a fief dependent on the Chateau de Chenonceau. In 1567 it belonged to Jean-Etienne, valet room and tailor of the king; it was sold in 1595 to Jehan de la Pierre and Esther de Briant, then to Claude de Plaix and has remained in the same family to this day.

In 1617 the father of the poet, Paul Scarron, married Claude de Plaix in second marriage. Paul Scarron father called “the apostle” had had two children from his first marriage among whom the burlesque poet Paul Scarron who inherited La Vallière at his death in 1643

Nicolas Scarron bought back the debts of his brother Paul (the poet) and became the owner, his daughter became Madame de la Goupillère, one of whose daughters became the Countess de Bridieu. The de Bridieu family remained owners of La Vallière, Count Henri de Bridieu was mayor of Négron, his daughter Régine was the godmother and grandmother of my father-in-law Baron Gérard de Rosny.

Her son, Jean-Sébastien (my husband) was the twenty-sixth owner of La Vallière.

We were married in 2007 and live here with our children. We are passionate about this beautiful house and will share with you the history of our family house.

 Alexia de Rosny.